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 SandFaces © Bill DuBose, All Rights Reserved

This photo (© Bill DuBose, All Rights Reserved) was a breakthrough for our young studio. We had started with this account, earning our way in first on technical quality, product inserts, display stands, etc. This was our first cover. It later became a full-page national trade ad.

“The Sandfaces” was sort of a last resort for our designer client’s client, the manufacturer. This was the early 80’s and recession budgets were flowing through the industry. Our client was a small design agency, and this sunglasses manufacturer was one of their early banner clients. We received a request to submit ideas for the cover with one stipulation – their client wanted 3 pairs of sunglasses, but no models. As we had previously done a number of product images for them, they felt it might be time to give us a higher level of creative contribution. So, my wife (stylist, art director and partner) and I went to the boards and produced sketches for some really cool visual ideas. The King Tut exhibit was touring the country at that time, and we had recently seen the exhibit at the Dallas Museum of Fine Arts. We were immersed in the aura of all things ancient Eqypt, especially pyramids. This notion led to an abstract interpolation of the client’s needs and where our heads were at, so to speak. Cool sounding concept, but keep in mind this is prior to the days of digital photography and PhotoShop.


The inserts below are from the 1st Kodak Book the image was published in.
The inserts are low res. The book is a few decades old now.

This is the overall look of the covers and the product pages for the catalog.

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